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Mandell & Associates helps those in the public and private sectors to connect
effectively with constituents and elected officials, improve communications,
and generate consensus across sometimes radically-diverse stakeholders.


In today’s hyper-connected world, many organizations are wisely breaking down barriers to engage in more open conversations with their customers and constituents. Mandell & Associates helps businesses and organizations to succeed by focusing on customer-related elements.

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We work tirelessly to earn the trust and satisfaction of our clients. Mandell & Associates is grateful for the recommendations and referrals we receive through our efforts.

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Ambassador Amy Bondurant

Missy is highly regarded because she is not only smart, hard working, and diligent — but she is also superb at working with people.

Joe Beal, Former GM (LCRA):

Missy solves problems and builds consensus. She has the ability to understand everyone’s concerns, analyze facts, and find solutions.

Charles Moser, Publisher:

Missy knows her business, and she has a tremendous passion for what she does. There is no doubt she can provide results for her clients.

Congressman Mike Conaway:

No matter the issue, Missy was always able to navigate the complex web of laws, rules and regulations to help LCRA provide services to its

Seth Hulkower, SEAS President:

Missy has a rare mix of field vision, detailed knowledge and interpersonal management savvy. She manages personalities with a delicate balance.

Michael E. Webber PhD:

Missy is professional, knowledgeable, savvy, and a pleasure to work with. I recommend her as a strategic partner.

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